Our Mission

Financial Domination has been known to have a bad reputation within the BDSM scene, and we want to change that. Inexperience can be dangerous, even online. Some users on Twitter (sometimes referred to as ‘instadommes’) set up their profiles to hassle, scam and use unprincipled methods to get as much money from their subs as possible without thought for dynamics, etiquette or consequence. We know this isn’t the way to succeed in financial domination, and these ‘Dommes’ never last.

We want to give new Dommes the tools and knowledge on how to practice safe, consensual and ethical financial domination. The only way to change the scene is from the inside out. We want to help you to build lasting sub connections, increase your tributes and have an enjoyable and lasting experience in the findom community.


The psychology behind fetish absolutely…

…fascinates and consumes me. How they develop, evolve and become entire communities. How incredible it is that we are seemingly born with the exact same interests as others, even before we learn that it has a label. Remarkable.

— Miss Lucky DeVille