How To Be A Findom

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We give dominant, moneycentric individuals the tools on how to become a successful Findom on twitter.


What is Financial Domination?

Financial Domination is an art, a science, but most importantly it’s a financial power exchange between a Domme and her sub. The relationship is based primarily on what the sub is willing to sacrifice financially for his Domme in the form of cash, gifts and paying bills. Often there are other elements of BDSM tied in with this, however Findom relationships do not tend to be physical.


Daddy Domme Lia

I left my mentoring session feeling empowered, supported, and welcomed into the industry. Lucky has a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience, and I'm so grateful to learn from her! 


Let’s get started!

Whether you are already in the adult industry or you are starting a new career, becoming a Financial Dominatrix is a fantastic way to broaden your skill set, explore the BDSM scene and of course, make money!


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